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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Building a website is just half way through in-terms of driving relevant traffic that will engage with your content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your content organically in search engine platforms, based on the keywords searched by users. With 70% of links clicked on by users are organic from SEO (based on Search Engine Journal), it is vital for any businesses to make sure relevant content are ranked for relevant keywords.

With intensive competition for all keywords, Google’s SEO algorithms are constantly changing to rank the most relevant content on the top of the search results page. Our SEO Analysts are constantly learning what’s new in the world of SEO to make sure our clients are always on the top.

The mantra to getting your ranked organically and fast!

Our approach to SEO starts from the basic understanding on what your product/service defines and delivers. From that we study on how the competition performs, and develop a project plan.

Website Auditing

Our comprehensive analysis will check on the user experience and technical aspects of your website.

Keyword Research

Based on the understanding of your products/services, we will target the potential keywords to rank for. A content strategy will be formulated to reflect the keywords targeted via website, social media, public relations outreach and more.

Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics and Google Search Console will be implemented to track the performance of the website and SEO.

Content Creation

Content will be curated in the form of text, videos, PDF’s, infographics, graphics depending on your products / services.

Implementing Technical SEO elements

All the best practices on On-page, Public Relation Outreach, social media promotions, content marketing and much more will be conducted to support your ever-changing Google’s algorithmic changes. This will make us keep content fresh, and improve the search traffic every month.

Analysis and Reporting

Quarterly performance reports will be check and shared, based on which additional actions will be taken to improvise the SEO efforts.

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