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From the Founder

Mohamed Yasir


I have mastered the skill of staying high, yet have never experienced any utopian experiences. Still trying and searching to find one. I have mixed feelings about the way life leads me to, always content trying to be "okay" with everything.

But here I am; the advisor, tutor cum coach of my tribe "Benfy" - a wanderer at heart to find the perfect creative balance in any work we do. They better live up to my expectations and deliver those utopian experiences.

I've seen creativity at its very best, and still have found a simple font on a white space deliver miracles to its audience. My quest for eternal bliss and enlightenment on perfect creativity never ends. But there is quite some stuff am yet to figure out. I take about 20 failed selfies before nailing a good one... And by the way, I am still waiting for the day when I would need 'cos2(t) + sin2(t)=1' in real life.

Now don't read whats ahead! Don't!

Oh! you couldn't wait. Well this is in business terms 😀 - "Our clan is of one of a kind, no matter how the challenge is, we are ready for the event with strategies unlike ever seen before. If you believe in happy ever after, then be ready to experience creativity beyond, coz when we take'em , we nail'em.".

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