Adobe Photoshop Training in Chennai | Photoshop Design Course in Chennai

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Create and enhance your photos, images, 3D artwork, and more with Adobe Photoshop CC, the world’s best imaging and photo editing software. Join today.


  • History of Photoshop
  • What Photoshop can do?
  • Software like Photoshop
  • System Requirement for Photoshop
  • Difference between Vector and Raster
  • Jobs in Photoshop stream line.

Section 1 – Tools and Panel

  • Photoshop Interface and Environment
  • Color Palette in Photoshop
  • Editing and saving workspace
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Creating new document, saving preset, opening a file, saving a document and closing a document
  • Image magnification, Panning.
  • Undoing and Redoing and Revert.
  • Moving, Rotating and Scaling Images in Photoshop.


Section 2: Layers and Image Size

  • Creating, duplicating, renaming and deleting a layers
  • Merging, Rasterizing, flattening, Smart object a layer.
  • Grouping, Hiding, Organizing and Locking Layers
  • Different types of Images
  • Image mode
  • Image size, Canvas Size


Section 3: Colors and Selection Tools

  • Color basic
  • Difference between RGB and CMYK
  • Foreground and Background Color
  • Applying fill color, stroke color and opacity.
  • Eye Dropper, Gradient and Swatches.
  • Move tool, Selection Multiple images.
  • Making selection, Deselecting, Inverse and Saving/Loading selection
  • Adding ,Deleting, and Feathering selection
  • Lasso tool, Polygonal tool, Magnetic lasso tool.
  • Magic wand tool and Quick Selection tool
  • Practical works – Removing a image from its background and placing it in different background.


Section 4:Basic Photo Correction and image adjustment

  • Color correction in photo using color balance
  • Hue and saturation and Black and white
  • Red eye and Ruler tool
  • Brightness, contrast and Levels
  • Curves, Exposure and Threshold
  • Photo merge
  • Practical works – Panorama Effect, Modifying dark photo into brightness, color adjusting in photo, Black and White photo effect, Bringing color to grayscale images, Straighten a photo using ruler tool.


Section 5: Retouching and Repairing

  • Rotating, Flipping and Distorting and images
  • Cropping images
  • Smudge, Burn and Dodge tool
  • Blurring and Sharpening Images
  • Clone stamp and Pattern stamp tool
  • Spot healing brush tool and Content aware
  • Practical works – Repairing a Damage photo, changing a pimple and scar face into a model, bringing sharpness to an image, removing unwanted areas in an Image.


Section 6: Masking in Photoshop

  • Explaining about masking
  • Applying and Deleting mask
  • Layer mask
  • Clipping mask
  • Quick mask
  • Practical Works – Morphing (face morphing, animal morphing) using Layer mask, Colage work of Photo and using clipping mask, fast and quick selection using Quick mask.


Section 7: Adjustment layer, blending mode & Layer style

  • What are adjustment layers?
  • Difference between adjustment layers and normal layer
  • Applying, Deleting and Organizing adjustment layers.
  • What are Blending modes, Different types of blending modes?
  • What are Layer style and Different type of Layer style?
  • Applying, Copying, Clearing and Hiding a layer style
  • Practical Work – Blending images, pencil effect, Horror photo, stone man, shadow effect etc.


Section 8: Brushes, shapes and Pen tool

  • Using the Brush tool and Brush Palette.
  • Creating new brushed and saving it.
  • Setting Shape dynamics and Brush Scattering.
  • Using Shape tool.
  • Creating new shapes.
  • Using the pen tool.
  • Adding, Modifying and Deleting Anchor points.


Section 9: Matte Painting

  • Explaining Matte painting.
  • Showing the movies where matte painting is used a lot.
  • Compositing of Images and Masking.
  • Color Correction and Cropping.


Section 10: Text

  • Basic text, typing and selecting text.
  • Changing Font size, color and alignment of the text.
  • Editing the Bounding box
  • Applying layer effects to the text
  • Practical work – Text Effects(Fire, Snow, Water, Gold, Diamond, Metal, text in face, Movie titles, 3d text)


Section 11: Filters

  • Understanding Filters
  • Using blur (Gaussian blur, Motion, Radial and Lens blur)
  • Using Distort, Texture, stylizes, sharpening and sketch filters.
  • Using Lens flare and Lighting effects.
  • Practical works – Creating wallpapers with filters, creating moon, fire, clouds, applying lights and lens fare to photo, applying blur to a photo and sharpening images.


Section 12: Introduction of web layout

  • Explaining about website and internet
  • Types of website and its extension
  • Standard web layout size
  • Choosing right colors for background and font
  • Designing a layout and organizing the layers
  • Saving it for web.
  • Practical work – Creating a complete layout for website( corporate, commercial, portfolio)
  • Any Graduation
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Passion to learn new skills
  • PDF study materials
  • Power Point slides to facilitate visual understanding