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How to use schema markup to boost your SEO efforts?

Working with experienced SEO and Marketing Analysts, I have noticed something strange. Nobody wants to use rich snippets, and there is any reluctance in understanding and implementing it. When Google webmasters tool has integrated simple markup languages, a lot of experienced and budding Analyst are still making themselves far from, and focusing on the harder methodology to help users find their websites. So, we thought there a fog to clear in using Markup languages.

Where to find Markup languages?

If you reading this blog, the chances you know exactly what you’re looking for. Surf for , Google has partnered with Microsoft and Yahoo to offer rich snippet (we call it Markup language!) to help search engines understand our websites even better. Within the SERP pages users can have a better idea of what the website is about with better details, and the odds are good against another website without a snippet.

How to integrate Rich Snippet?

In, you can search about the website elements that you want to show in SERP, or browse by any categories in which your products/services fit.


Schema is important for digital marketing efforts

Once you have searched the right category, see the differences within the example “without Markup” and “Microdata”. We are focusing on the “Microdata” tab here.


How to decode the markup?

Now copy and paste the entire microdata in a text editor (note++), or any editor that detects HTML language. To work with this microdata, the only place where you would be making changes is the “itemprop” line. “itemprop” is the property attribute of an item, do not touch this property name while editing, rather can change the elements that is defined by this property.

Example: “Mom’s World Famous Banana Bread” can be changed “Chilli Chicken recipe”. 

Relate the elements within that of your content.


Making you own rich snippet

Use Google’s snippet testing tool to make sure your markup’s right and make it live!!


Schema’s completely change the look of a SERP

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