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How to acquire good following on your social media pages

Is your business finding it hard to acquire a following on Facebook? Feel your Instagram is not working out the way it should? Are you still yearning for the shares and likes you need? Join the club. Many people like you are stuck in the Facebook, Instagram posting whirlpool, spinning about and not getting anywhere. Every minute a few million posts are made on Facebook. We have analyzed some of the best pages to show you how to stand out from the crowd and create some awesome posts and post strategies that you can implement to boost your social media pages.

1) A Poll: A poll is a simple yet effective way to get your fans to involve themselves or associate with your brand. The post can include 2 to 3 options and then ask Fans to answer. It also is a great way to get some free market research!

Here is how Mint hospitals did it:

How to make it work

  • Come up with your own competitions from scratch
  • Remember to choose eye-catching and appealing subjects for your social media pages.
  • A poll can advertise your product or a general one too


2) Use universal appeal: Whether it is an inspiring or funny quote, an interesting fact, an easily agreed upon the opinion that is appealing to all at large, it is a great way to garner some quick and easy likes.

Here is how BeWell hospitals did it:

How to make it work

  • A catchy and inspirational quote is all that was needed. Once you identify your target audience, you can choose the topic of your choice.
  • This kind of post may not work for every organization, as much as it works for the hospital. Try to make posts, quotes that are relevant to your organization, project or goals.

3) Offer advice: A recent look at Facebook posts found that posts that contain advice or teaching something new were shared 500% more than posts that were not advice related. Whether it is just a recipe, a conversation, a chat, fun fact or a brilliant insight that is offering something to fans and to increase involving, in turn, increasing your standing within Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm.

Here is how LML homes did it:

LML Chat

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Posted by LML HOMES on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

How to make it work

  • A catchy photo or cartoon can attract attention to a particular post or your brand.
  • Quick and easy tips disguised into a conversation give the reader a chance to actually relate to the content and they come back to your page for more.
  • Encouraging your fans to like or share can be an easily accepted assertion which is a simple and painless way for them to participate.


4) Geo-Target your audience: By intentionally limiting your target audience can help you create exclusively drawing in those “select” fans to feel attached to your subject. You can do this by providing a specific picture or a hashtag or chance the tone or language you use by talking about the niche subject matter.  When you wish to geo-target your posts, make sure you click on “control who sees your posts in your newsfeed” and choose the demographic you wish to target.


Here is how Gabicci did it:

How to make it work

  • Limit your market intentionally by location, sector or other demographics to increase interest in those you plan to read.
  • Find the right balance to limit your audience. Don’t limit too much or your end up alienating your market.
  • Speak to the niche market and they are sure to respond.

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