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Why plan a Visual Content Marketing Strategy

Once upon a time before the advent of social media, blogs used to be our respite and point of interaction over the internet where even a long post with tremendous information could be read lovingly by people with loads of patience. Time changed and then came the era of Being Social that got people hooked to its timeline.

And now it is trendy to share your avatary best on Snapchat and expressions where they are presented in 140 characters or less. One thing is definitely clear. People want to grab more for less. Social media frameworks are now supercharged with best online marketing strategies and visual contents need to just be phenomenal to grab eyeballs. They not only connect instantly to the mass but also can deliver a strong message without any sort of banality affecting them.

Make sure you have a solid strategy on how to visually enhance your content will give you an edge over your competitors. Dont worry, we’ve got your covered at Benfy. You will spend less time and get better results as you have a well-defined process. Take a look at what platforms you need to get most out of visual content and what tools help you create your visual material. Get noticed by enchanting techniques of visual content. Images and videos have become the universal language and visual revolution is what you must expect.

Why invest in creative visual content

1)    Intensify your social media presence: Having a strong and effective social media conversation can make you stand out amongst a crowd of marketers.

2)    Effective storytelling: Tell your story, be a storyteller, be a folklorist. Nothing can beat visuals when it comes to voicing your brands in an active, engaging and effortless manner.

3)    Offer strong user-engagement: The more captivating videos and images are, more is the temptation that a post gets shared or liked.

4)    Elevate your SEO Ranking: Make sure you have compelling visual content with strong messages which can be shared by people more, thus helping you in uplifting your SEO ranking.

5)    Break the language barrier: A video, a photo story, GIF, Comic strip or a meme can attract more viewers than a full page ad. Making ads as per region and location in vernacular languages can help boost a post.

6)    Create a strong brand identity with a tagline: People connect more to the taglines or what your brand wants to portray through your vision. A tagline must connect with your brand and what you stand for.

7)    Your brand story or culture: Share photos from your foundation day, how a day looks like in your organization, and testimonial videos of your employees. Make it an inclusive atmosphere, making people yearn to be associated with you.

8)    Generate referrals and trigger purchases: This method not only helps you to create back-links but also forces your customer to stay more on your website and prompt him to purchase. It is all about profit right!, at the end of the day.

Why choose us

At Benfy, we are a bunch of digital marketers, analysts and creative wizards who share a common vision on how digital marketing and branding should be done. We offer creative solutions for every web-based project you can think of. We take pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision and love.

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