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Why Search Engine Marketing Is Necessary?

Searching Engine Marketing is a marketing practice in which your product or service is advertised on search engine result pages. Even though proper Search engine optimization can help your product or service rank on top of the SERP’s, Search engine marketing is vital for surviving in the highly competitive marketplace.

SEO is a long and continuous process that helps to rank your website on top of the search results. Whereas SEM can give you instant results and increase the visibility of your product/service. Your digital marketing strategy should give equal importance to both SEO and SEM since SEO brings you evergreen traffic without spending a penny and SEM gives you instant results with any budget.

How SEM works?

Search Engine Marketing works on bidding strategy. First, the keywords that are relevant to the product/ service needs to be identified and then the keywords that are most likely to be searched by the customers should be selected for bidding. Based on the keywords, product/service, a relevant ad copy needs to be created to run the SEM campaign. Google ranks your advertisement for a particular keyword based on your bidding amount and quality score. A better rank by Google can help you beat your competitors and win more business.

Google gives you a quality score considering the factors like relevancy of your ad, quality of your advertisement, click through rate and quality of your landing page. The click-through rate can also decrease the  amount you spend on each keyword, the more the customers click on your link, the high will be your quality score and your spend for each click is also likely to decrease. This helps you to spend less and earn more customers. So maintaining the relevance, quality of ad and landing page is vital in SEM.

The best part of SEM is PPC (Pay Per Click), where you don’t have to pay when a customer sees your advertisement, the amount is only spent when the customer clicks on our advertisement, Assuming that you create a relevant advertisement, and you have a proper landing page, you can be sure that only the potential customers who are interested in your product/ service are only clicking and visiting your webpage. SEM also gives you the advantage of having control on your spending; it also gives you the complete analysis of the campaign, which helps you to review and improve your strategy time to time.

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