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9 Best digital marketing tools you need to use to grow your business in 2018

In today’s digital marketing scene, digital marketers are expected to manage several tasks at once. Without proper tools, accomplishing the key objectives can become difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of digital marketing tools available to make the multitasking job more manageable. But, due to the increase in the number of tools available in the market given the demand, it can be tricky to choose the right tool. Picking the best digital marketing tool is important as digital marketers today rely on the tools of the trade to manage and grow their businesses. In this article, we review some of the best digital marketing tools of 2018 which you need to use to optimize your digital marketing efforts. Here’s a list of the best digital marketing tools of 2018:

Google Trends

Google trends is a simple and user-friendly tool for content planning which lets you see the latest trends and find out what excites your customers these days and whether they will be interested in your product over time. Google trends help you to:

• Determine popularity of specific search queries

• Find out what’s trending near you right now

• Impact of geographic data

With the above features, Google trends give you validation of an idea pretty fast. So if you are about to start a new business or create a campaign, Google trends is a great way to find out the current trends and react quickly according to the trends and stay one step ahead all the time.

Visit: https://trends.google.com/trends/


Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a feature of Google Adwords used for keyword research for contextual advertising and promotion. It is an important tool to improve the Search Engine Optimization. It is similar to Google trends, but it gives you actual numbers for you to work with. It shows whether the competition is high, low, or medium and the suggested bid for that keyword. It displays Search statistics for each keyword.

Visit: https://adwords.google.com



Hootsuite is one of the most widely used Digital marketing tools which allow you to manage all your social media profiles on a single platform. It makes finding, scheduling, managing and reporting on social media a lot easier. It also enables to track the feedback and reaction of followers for every social page you run.

Visit: https://hootsuite.com/



MailChimp is one of the leading tools used for email marketing. It allows you to send automated emails to customers and manage several automated mailing lists to run email campaigns efficiently. It also provides statistics about email delivery, open rates, and click-through rates making it easy to analyze the effectiveness and profitability of your campaigns.

Visit: https://mailchimp.com/


Google Adwords

Google Adwords allows marketers to advertise directly on Google results page as well as Google partner websites. It is a contextual advertising service which offers a simple and convenient interface with multiple tools for creating effective digital advertisements. The main advantage of Adwords is its flexibility. It can be customized for different scales of business for any budget, period of time, geographical limitations etc. The pay-per-click basis is great as the marketers have to pay only for the customers who are interested in their product or service.

Visit: https://adwords.google.com


Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free service provided by Google for a detailed analysis of website traffic and to collect statistics on various parameters of your online presence. It has a set of tools which helps you to monitor the behavior of your audience in real-time, evaluate the effect of your online advertising campaigns, and find out what content is the most engaging for your customers.

Visit: https://analytics.google.com



SimilarWeb is a free tool which gives you an idea of how your competitors are doing in terms of traffic. You just have to type in the domain name to receive the details of average traffic, referrals, referring sites, social performance, keywords used etc.

Visit: https://www.similarweb.com/



Ahrefs is a suite of tools which focuses on links for getting to grips with your website’s SEO. It boasts access to 12 trillion backlinks, 4 billion keywords, and a billion pieces of content. So, “No data available” is not a message you are likely to receive. It also has other features like rank tracking, finding keywords, competitor comparison, and SEO auditing.

Visit: https://ahrefs.com/


Lapa Ninja

Having a good landing page is important for any business. Lapa Ninja is one of the best websites for landing page inspiration. It has a number of screenshots of websites and landing pages. If you are looking for inspiration for website design, this one is for you.

Visit: https://www.lapa.ninja/


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