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Full Digital Marketing

Full Digital Marketing

Our comprehensive digital marketing curriculum helps you become an expert in both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Paid Search or PPC (Pay Per Click), the core domains of digital marketing.

Section 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

    What is marketing?

  • Conventional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
  • Types of Mediums
  • Importance of Search Platforms in Marketing and Branding
  • Formulating Marketing, Business and Social Strategies


Section 2: Understanding the Purpose of a Website

    Types of websites

  • Choosing the right domain
  • Checklists for developing the right website
  • Landing Pages
  • Importance of Call-To-Actions
  • Finding the right analytics to track users


Section 3: Google Analytics

    Importance of tracking website visitors

  • Setting up your first Google Analytics account
  • Understanding key terms in Google Analytics
  • Implementing Filters and Views
  • Understanding all Analytics Reports
  • Website Traffic Analysis Overview
  • Social Traffic Overview
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Segmenting Your Traffic for better insights
  • Setting Goals and Tracking Parameters
  • Tracking ROI using Attribution Model
  • Content Navigation
  • Page Speed Insights
  • In-Page Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards integrated with automated reports
  • Scheduled Emails


Section 4: Search Engine Optimization

    Understanding search engines

  • How Search Engine Platforms works for keywords
  • Google Ranking Factors & How it works
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Understanding On-Page Parameters
  • Using Markup languages to drive visibility
  • SEO Linking Building Strategies
  • Implementing Google Plus Local
  • Submission to Local and Blog Directories
  • Getting started with Affiliate Marketing
  • Researching for Backlink submissions
  • Complete usage of Google Webmasters
  • Setting robots.txt and sitemaps
  • Website Auditing and Technical SEO


Section 5: Online Advertising

    Technical elements of Google Adwords

  • Organizing your keywords in Excel
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Learning different types of Online Ads
  • Understanding the dashboard and interface
  • Search Campaign Introduction
  • Display Campaign Introduction
  • Effective Copy Writing
  • Using Bid Adjustments Effectively
  • Best practices for Ads, bid strategies & budgets
  • Remarketing
  • Finding your ROI on your campaigns
  • Performing tests to improve your campaign performance


Section 6: Social Media and Email Marketing

    Optimization of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Working with Social Media Ads
  • Copy Writing for Social Media
  • Checking your Social Media Analytics
  • Email Marketing Introduction
  • Finding the right Email Marketing Platform
  • Building an email list via Market Research
  • Running an effective Email Campaign
  • Analyzing your emails via Analytics
  • Any Graduation
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Passion to learn new skills
  • PDF study materials
  • Power Point slides to facilitate visual understanding
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