Coreldraw And Graphic Design Training Courses In Chennai

Coral Draw

Coral Draw

Whether you are a professional designer or a hobbyist looking to explore your creative side, this course will lay the foundations you need to get the most out of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Section 1 – Getting started

  • Exploring the CorelDraw Screen
  • File Management
  • Setting up the page
  • Moving around the current page
  • Viewing Modes
  • Inserting and Deleting pages
  • Changing page
  • Using Multiple Workspaces
  • Customizing the Toolbars
  • Using Shortcuts


Section 2: Objects – Creation and Manipulation

  • Drawing and Shaping Tools
  • Using the Freehand Tool
  • Drawing Lines and Poly lines
  • Selecting and Deselecting Objects
  • Moving Objects
  • Copying and Deleting Objects
  • Sizing objects
  • Mirroring Objects
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • Eyedropper and Paint bucket Tools
  • The Outline Tool
  • Using Fill Tool
  • Exercise work – Logo creation, vector shape creation.


Section 3: Working With Special Effects and Fills

  • Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool
  • Shaping an Object with an Envelope
  • Extruding an Object
  • Blending Two Objects
  • Using the Lens Effect
  • Adding Perspectives
  • Using Power Clips
  • Applying Contours
  • Applying Drop Shadows
  • Uniform Fill, Fountain Fill, Pattern Fill
  • Exercise – Collage work, Puzzle effect, calendar design, and greeting card design


Section 4:Working with Text

  • Text tool
  • Editing tool
  • Formatting Text
  • Setting Text options
  • Creating Paragraph Options
  • Choosing Paragraph options
  • Setting Indents Using the Ruler
  • Importing Text
  • Using the Spell Checker
  • Exercise – Business card, Brochures, Letter head and Poster


Section 5: Working with bitmap & Creating Output

  • What is a Bitmap?
  • Applying Special Bitmap effects
  • Exporting Drawings
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Exporting in other formats
  • Any Graduation
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Passion to learn new skills
  • PDF study materials
  • Power Point slides to facilitate visual understanding